XData + webcore no data

hi i followed your example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZefBaycH9kQ with DB firebird and check for missing sequences = never, CORS on the XDataServer...  all go fine but i have no data on the grid, Ive tried with persistent fields on the XDataWebDataSet and none ... nothing alwyas no data !

can you help me ?

More investigation is needed.

1. Do you see any error in the browser console?
2. What data do you see if you try to access the XData server directly, through the URL API?
1) i dont known if useful for you but ive got this errors on F12 console/debugger of IE :

is an $mod.EXDataClientRequestException.$create("Create$2",[ClientError]);
SCRIPT5022: [object Object]
File: ClientiPriv.js, Line: 55433, Column: 15
 if (Event.error.stack) {
   SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'stack' of undefined or null reference
File: ClientiPriv.js, Line: 24764, Column: 7

and an error msg : Forbidden

2) on the server with http://localhost:2001/DataServer/Clienti_Priv i have ;

Access to localhost was denied You don't have authorization to view this page.

hi i checked and set in xdataserver  TEntitySetPermissionItems = '*' with all permissions and now i can access to entity server side ... but i have an  Access Violation on XDataServerModuleException...

Can you help me ? 

with debug cpu i have a error near txdataoperationcontext.getmanager 

any news for me ?

Hi, Access Violation is a hard guess. It can be something in your database connection. How complex is your application? Can you provide parts of the code here, specially the entity class declaration and the database connection configuration?