XData Project

For hours i'm trying to get a XData / WebCore Client up and running.
But if i include my XData Interface in my WebCore Project i can't compile anymore:

"can't find unit "XData.Service.Common"

If i add
..\TMS XData\source\core
..\TMS XData\source\core\web
..\TMS XData\source\core\common

To the Web Core Configuration Lib Path, than i get:

can't find unit "Generics.Collections"

What i've found out so far is, that my Web Core Project Settings are completely empty:

Also in the demo files these settings are empty. Maybe that's the root of the problem. I've tried reinstalling web core a several times with no change.

I'm using Delphi 10.4.1 with the latest xdata / tms web core components.

The way you use XData in TMS Web Core, for now, is different than using it in VCL/FMX applications. The interfaces are not available. More information here:

With the upcoming 2.0 version of the Pas2JS compiler used by Web Core, this will be slowly improved and we will make usage way more similar to the VCL/FMX experience.