XData Events and Aurelius Events

I might have missed this (documentation is excellent, but there is so much :slight_smile: )

At the moment I use the XData events to do server side processing. Do the XData arguments expose/give access to the Aurelius equivalents?

For example XData.TEntityModifyingArgs -> Aurelius.TUpdatingArgs. Having access to the TUpdatingArgs would be very useful.



I don't think you have access to UpdatingArgs from XData events. You may still use Aurelius events instead of (or combined with) XData events.

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Yes, that was what I was thinking. Be nice to have it all in one place though. I don't think you get the ObjectManager inside Aurelius events - but I could be mistaken.

Yes, the object manager is available in all Aurelius events, in the property Args.Manager. However, you must explicitly cast it to a TObjectManager.

Aurelius args cannot be available in XData events, because they are very different, even though look similar. Aurelius events are lower level and are called for every entity ("table"), being updated, and in the middle of the Aurelius mechanism for updating the table. XData events are higher level, they are called only once, when the CRUD endpoint is invoked.

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