How this can be done in Aurelius?

Since ORM is new for me and do not in extent what is possible, I am asking here if someone could give an advice on this question:

I am using separated layers (MVP), where the model holds the knowledge of the entity.

However the view has a TAureliusDataSet that receives from the mode what is needed to work...

Records are created due to user input on the view side. I believe there is no other kind of event that my model layer could be monitoring right?

This is the problem:

The user sell an item. It gets saved on the Order Entity

From the Stock Entity I need to subtract from the available quantity in stock.

I am thinking in keep the DataSet only to deal with the View part, however seems it is the only way to get information from Aurelius when things changed, based on the events of the dataset.

Thank you in any idea...


either way of my other thread... events are all in TAureliusDataset and i need to handle from there. There is events that will permit doing what I have asked here.

However It would be correct to have the same event structure with no need of TAureliusDataset, that is related to the view part.

What events?