About Aurelius 5

Hello Wagner,


I have read in the forums that a new version of Aurelius should be released soon!
Are you able to communicate on the subject?

I understand that a lot of work has been done on performance but apart from that, what are the big new features?

I'm looking forward to this new version. Thanks for the great framework.


Hi Stéphane,

What we are doing is a heavy refactor that will allow us to bring exciting new features over time. The first version will have such refactor (with not many new "visible" features) and then a sequence of features will be released when feasible. Actually the refactor is already happening, if you are curious enough to see a diff between vastest versions, you will see lots of changes.

With this new refactor done, it will allow us to implement the following features in no specific order:

  1. Significant performance increase;
  2. Custom types (persist any Delphi type to any database type)
  3. Dynamic classes/objects (use ORM/XData features without needing to declare a Delphi class in source code)
  4. Better design-time support (open datasets to see live data, for example)
  5. Preparing the terrain to support other compilers (like Pas2JS and FPC)

Having said that, for the very next Aurelius release there will a nice new validation mechanism to make it very easy to validade properties and entities before saving/updating.


Are there news on native PostgreSQL support?

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We have it 70% done but we halted it to develop these other features. Will probably continue after Aurelius 5 is released.


That sounds really :slight_smile:
I'm looking forward it.

Will you also integrate Aurelius within IDE Data Explorer ? This will speed up designing forms with Aurelius entities


Not considered yet, but definitely something we can add to our list.

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Co-ask....... I am also waiting for this earnestly. can I vote it up in your priority list? :slight_smile:


We are aware that this is a very popular feature request. It's high in our priority list. Still we have limited resources for all the feature requests so far, so please be patience... :slight_smile:

Actually what I am waiting for is the Cached/Batch feature of PostgreSQL. Currently it has performance issue due to the simulation.

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Any news on Aurelius 5, and native postgresql support?

Aurelius 5 is coming this week. No PostgreSQL native support yet, though.


Still good to hear! Mind sharing the nice things about Version 5?

Not at all! We have uploaded the beta documentation already:


Really great great great news!!! Great features! :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:

Global filtering, validation, events...
Now wondering when Data Modeler will catch up with all this! :blush:
Maybe by the end of this week? :innocent:


Thank you @Ferrari_Julio, but I wonder how Data Modeler could benefit from the latest Aurelius features?

By having a proper mapping input interface for the new attributes.

Otherwise, we'll have to build it "the hard way" using the scripts oncolumngenerated, on classgenerated, etc. This way will let the project too hard to understand, as we'd always have to search the script events for IFs/CASEs in order to find classes and fields where the new attributes have been applied.

Still confused, can you please provide an example?

I meant like this:


Just to congratulate on version 5 (XData and Aurelius). Many new great features. The Routing Precedence is something I was looking for a long time. To be able to override some CRUD actions or add new actions without having to use another path, is a fantastic feature. Many thanks!

Keep up the great work.

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Thank you Anderson, indeed it's something very useful!

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