WMS in FCN Maps?

Is it possible to show the WMS maps in the FCN Maps components? How do I connect to the WMS service?


I'd be interestend in exactly the same topic / question.

Unfortunately WMS is currently not supported in TMS FNC Maps.
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll have to investigate if this feature can be added in a future version.

Hi Bart,
thanks for the help on the other map topic. I'd like to point out how interesting it would be for us to have WMS support, because nearly all public topic maps in Germany are only available in WMS and not in TMS. If it would be possible to use those in our apps, that would increase the value of the apps to our users tremendously and at the same time the likelyhood we would make stronger and longer term use of your map component :slight_smile:

A brief google research pointed me to this:

So in openlayers it appears to be possible to use WMS.

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We are going to research WMS support and see in which areas we can improve TMS FNC Maps in the future.

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In that regard - I don't know if of any help: we have been playing around with https://leafletjs.com. They appear to have integrated WMS and TMS quite well.