Widhstyle = ssPercent + WidthPercent = 100 not respected

Maybe there's some problem with Widhstyle = ssPercent + WidthPercent = 100 not respected.
So I'would like have full width size for all components and Sub Component

This my Main form with this structure component, all have widthstyle = ssPercent + WidthPercent = 100.

Panel_alTop (Menu)
|Button0_Button1_Button2 Button3

panel_alClient (Container)
|_TWebPageControl (100% for all)

At the begining of program I create all sub windows for each TabSheet_x (Form1,...,Form3);

Each button (Button_0, ...Button_3) have tag with 0,1,2,3 when I click on it, I swap to TabSheet_0 to TabSheet_3 by using TWebPageControl.TabIndex := TWebButton(Sender).tag;

But sub windows don't use full width of his container, and stay with MainForm initial width why ???
There's no problem with height value.


Sorry It's ok.
I've let a 'container' tag in tabsheet elementClassName
Close this.

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