TWebDbGrid + boostrap grid and columns width


I'm trying to create a TwebDbGrid thati is 100% width and has 2 columns, one 60% of the grid and the second 40%.

I tried to use the ElementClassName ".container" for the grid and ".col-9" and ".col-6" for the columns, but that's not working. Tried also with and without dots, seemingly no difference.

How do I set the width of the grid to be always 100% and the columns?

At this moment, columns in TWebDBGrid have an absolute width (in pixels). A % setting is at this moment unfortunately not supported.

Ok, thank you.

I will try to do it via.Width of the columns. I tought that bootstrap would do the job :)

Is there a way to get the form width during the creation or showing up?

from.ClientWidth during form's OnShow should do it.

For documentation purposes, here's what it worked for me:

procedure TfrmLokacija.WebFormShow(Sender: TObject);
  gridView.ColWidths[0] := Round(gridView.Width * 0.6);
  gridView.ColWidths[1] := Round(gridView.Width * 0.4);

Thank you again for helping! :)