Why is the "Create Topic" Button disabled in the FixInsight subforum?

I want to create a bug-report for FixInsight and I can't create a topic there.


Please note that an active product license is required to be able to create topics in product categories.

Alternatively you can submit your question through our support form at https://www.tmssoftware.com/site/support_mail.asp

Hi Bart,
we as a company have an active product license. Originally (years ago, we're one of the early adopters) it was registered to me, but since we changed our process for software purchases, the owner (aka company) is not the user (aka my colleagues and me) anymore.

Apart from that, you as a company should be grateful for anyone reporting bugs in your products no matter if they have an active license or not.


Yes, it is possibly now. Thank you!


Hi Lübbe,

You should now be able to create topics in the TMS FixInsight Pro category:

I noticed your personal account was not linked to the company account that holds the TMS FixInsight Pro site license. This has now been corrected. (You might need to logout and login again first)

Please note that we are always grateful to receive bug reports and anyone can provide these through our support form or by email. However posting in the product categories of the TMS Support Center is an extra service provided to customers with an active license only.