Why am I not able to respond to topics?

I am a member in this forum.
But it seems that I can only reply to topics which I created. There is no Reply button if I want to answer to a different topic which another person created.
What is the reason for that strange behavior?

I would expect you can answer in the TMS Scripter category, as this is your active licensed product?

Can you verify?

Yes it seems so that I can only answer to questions with tags of products I have bought.
Still strange. I would have had an answer to someone but I was not able to because I didn't buy this product. I only would have been able to send this person a personal message.

But I can answer here even if I didn't buy the "product" "VCL Feature Request" ;-)

It is by design that categories are read for everyone and write for active customers of a product.
In order to guarantee the quality of our support services, our engineers need to focus & give priority to active customers.