When installing a package, the creation of path to the package generate a faulty path contining a <package>\.\<platform>.release or Debug

In order to shorten all path names I use junction pathnames for the common pathnames, like

C:\TMS_\ instead of fully expanding the path names, using MKLINK /j connand added to Windows Vista and part of NTFS files system. Thus:
MKLINK /j C:\TMS_ C:\Users\achristo\Documents\tmssoftware

But seems like the path name to the components in itself generate a faulty path name for all packages and platforms both in rrelease and debug mode, like

C:\TMS_\TMS Sparkle\packages\d11.\Win32\Release or

C:\TMS_\TMS Busines Core Library\packages\d11.\OSX64\Release

When trying to open such paths in the file browser, it falis. But works if the .\ iscorrected to just \

But where is this happen? Is it C:\TMS_\TMS Busines Core Library\packages\d11\ + '.\OSX64\Release or C:\TMS_\TMS Busines Core Library\packages\d11. + '\OSX64\Release


We are not aware of any of such issues. Yes, the added point happens in the TMS Business installers, but that is harmless as it's just a reference to the current directory. Are the errors appearing only after you used the symbolic link?