What to expect with C++17

I did not find any article about the new C++17 compiler. Are there any differences between the VCL components available in C++17 and the classic compiler?  Should they all work the same? 

The only thing we see at this moment is that the CLang based C++17 compiler has problems with Delphi compiler generated HPP files. This also affects some of our components. So, until these compatibility issues between Delphi generated C++ support and C++17 is cleared up, we'd recommend to stick to using the classic compiler.

If there is a Quality Central report we should vote for please post the number. 

We have meanwhile done a workaround for 2 issues we encountered with the HPP files. We are doing further tests to see if we can detect new issues with the CLang compiler. 

The next TMS Component Pack update will already come with the 2 workarounds.
When is the C ++ 17 issue fixed version updated?
I am waiting too much.

So far we haven't found new issues with CLang for TMS Component Pack.

"TMS Grid pack" has not been updated yet.

TMS Grid Pack v6.8.2.0 is available now.