WebStringGride fields alignment problem

TWebStringGride fields greater than 20
alignment problem

less than 20 normal

What TMS WEB Core version is this?


What are your settings for grid.WidthStyle?

grid.WidthStyle set ssAuto

Gride.zip (2.1 MB)

When I run your app, all I see is:

Sorry, please modify the IP

'application/json', json );

Gride (2).zip (2.1 MB)

The problem here is that the total width of the grid (sum of column widths) is wider than what the DIV that contains the grid is allowed to take. So, the HTML tables used for the grid (and the fixed row is a different table from the normal cells) So, the browser layouter needs to force column widths smaller than specified for fixed row and for normal cells table and the browser does this in a different way.
I suggest to put this table on a (horizontally) scrolling area so, the column widths can be used as specified (for both fixed row and normal cell rows)