WebOSMaps1.Markers Text not visible

With the following code snippet the marker is painted in my OSM but no text is printed.

                        'HOM WI 870', 
What can I do?

Is use XE5, Windows10
Thanks for your help


Please note that it's currently not supported to display a label text for a Marker in TWebOSMaps.
Unfortunately this is a limitation of the OpenLayers API which TMS VCL WebOSMaps is based on.
The Title property is only used internally.

As an alternative you can use the LabelText property of Polygon or Polyline object to display text at a specific location of the map.
Thanks for your answer.

ImO a property without function should not be used in components and even worse in examples within the User Manual.
The workaround should be worth mentioning in the documentation.

The Title property is not completely without function as it can be used for internal reference to the marker.
However your remark about this information being absent from the documentation is valid and we'll update the manual accordingly.