Open Street Map Library


I have created a marker in design time as a test. 
However, I cannot figure out how to enable to show a Title of the marker. 
Here is my code:

 ADraggable := false;
  Avisible := true;
  ALatitude :=  40.572014;
  ALongitude := -74.860083;
  ATitle := 'test point';
  AIcon :=''  ;
  WebOSMaps1.Markers.Add(ALatitude,ALongitude,ATitle,AIcon,ADraggable, Avisible) ;

Thank you for help


Unfortunately it's currently not supported to add a label text to a Marker in TMS WebOSMaps.
This is a limitation of the OpenLayers API which we have no control over.

As a workaround you could add a Polygon at the same coordinates of the Marker and use the Polygon.LabelText property to add a label text to the map.


I will try.