Property Marker.Title in WebOSMaps

I use version WebOSMaps.
I try to use code:

      Marker := OSM.Markers.Add;
      Marker.Latitude := 10;
      Marker.Longitude := 20;


      OSM.Markers.Add(10, 20,'my_title',my_url, true, false);

Icon from URL is displayed on the map, but the title property is not displayed.

Any suggestion? Thanks

Unfortunately it's currently not supported to display a label for a Marker.

This is a limitation of the OpenLayers API which we have no control over.

As an alternative you can use a Polyline or Polygon object and use the LabelText property.
do you have an example on how to make a marker with label on webosmaps
how can i do that with a poligon or polyline ??


The text assigned to the LabelText property of a Polyline or Polygon object will be displayed together with the Polyline or Polygon on the map.

An example can be found in the OverviewDemo application included with the product download.