WebCore refuses to install on Delphi 11

I have both D10.4 and D11 on my pc.

WebCore is installed on D10.4 but I'm not able to install on D11. There are no error messages during install, but WebCore does not show in D11, no buttons, no menu, no noththing related to WebCore.

I have tried several times.

Is this a known problem?


Can you verify the log file? It's generated in the C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\tmssoftware\log folder


  1. do you use the latest version of TMS WEB Core?
  2. do you check under IDE menu Component / Install Packages that the TMS WEB Core package files are listed AND active (checked)?

Yes, that was the solution. 4 x checkboxes related to Web Core were all unchecked.


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Now there is also problems in D10.4 using Vcl.

Two checkboxes are unchecked. If I check them an error occurre.

My project compiles, but does this mean there are components I don't have access to?


Latest versions of all component sets.

If you installed a TMS FNC Core update, you need to re-install all depending products. This is a technical limitation unfortunately.