Web Core Website URL Navigation


In my Web Core Application, I want to be able to, for example, go back to the previous form/page. Obviously, if I navigate to the previous page through the browser button, I leave the client.

Now, I know that Web Core is a Single Page Application, but I want to ask about it anyway.

Is there a way to correctly organize the URLs of the forms? I've done something like this:

if HasQueryParam('ViewThread', Something) then ...

But to make use of this, the URL has to be in such a form: http://localhost:8000/MyProject/Index.html?ViewThread=SomeValue

The question mark kind of ruins it in my eyes, because I prefer a URL like so: http://localhost:8000/MyProject/Index.html/users/profile/User123. Also, I don't think it is possible to give multiple parameters to the URL like this.

What are my options, if there are any, regarding this matter?

Kind regards.

So, you want to use URL http://localhost:8000/MyProject/Index.html/users/profile/User123 but still have it launch your app?
What is problematic about the question mark?

http://localhost:8000/MyProject/Index.html/users/profile/User123 is just an example.
Basically, I want to give every form a different URL, like 'profile', 'homepage, 'search', and then perform certain actions based on possibly the second or third segment of the URL. So, for example, https://.../...../search/X with X being 'people','posts', etc.

The question mark isn't problematic, it's just a matter of preference. Personally, I don't like the sight of it, but if it is a must, then so be it.

Kind regards.

Afaik, to do what you want, you will need server side redirect.
With request parameters, it can be done client-side and this article describes it: