A question of understanding WebCore and html-files

A question of understanding.
(We use html templates from our web designer).

We have been experimenting for many weeks on how best to work with our web designer. So far we have not found a workable solution.

In the project html file (e.g. index.html) is the full html header. There is the javascript code that starts the program. Normally the complete body is empty.

In the unit html file are again html header and meta data. Other css and js files are also included there.

How will this be called/displayed later. Are both headers used equally?
Is there a description of what happens internally?

All html components have a unique ID and are assigned in the pas/dfm file. FNC components are all put into a DIV container to place them.
Sometimes a whole form needs to be placed inside an html container. Then we do this with the property "FormContainer".

In the documentation, examples and the courses offered (we have all courses and all books) there are different versions for creating a page,

Application.CreateForm( TMyForm, ElementId, MyForm, @AfterCreate);
is used and sometimes this
MyForm := TMyForm.CreateNew( ElementId, @AfterCreate);

In the VCL we would have differences in releasing. What is the difference here?
Is there a difference, for the ElementID in Create and the "FormContainer"?

Is it possible to book a personal training. (perhaps also in German?)
We have a really big project ahead of us.

Thanks a lot
Thomas Kaeswurm

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