Web Core and Business Subscription Install Issues?

I've owned the Business Subscription for a while and haven't really done much with it, but Web Core has gotten me more interested. So I've purchased Web Core and updated the Business Subscription installs but I'm finding some of the demos, due to missing source paths, don't compile out of the box.

Is this to be expected?  Kinda sucks to have to go update the source paths to all these projects.

Also, I don't install to the default path TMS suggests because it's just too damn long.

I install to a C:\ThirdParty\TMS... directory.  Could that be the issue?


What exact error message(s) do you get when you try to compile?

It just couldn't find the referenced .pas file.  

I noticed the library path in my Tokyo install was setup to point to dseattle (for Business Subscription) so I'm just going to uninstall and reinstall everything. 

Is there any particular order I should install Web Core and the FNC product I bought? 

It is recommended to first install TMS WEB Core and then the FNC products

Uninstalled and cleaned up my System Path and deleted my original directories.  Seems to be working now.  Thanks.