WEB Core 1.2 with Lazarus 2.0.2


just testing the released WEB Core 1.2 version against Lazarus. During designtime I can place WEB Core controls on a form, but they are not inserted in the unit source code, only in the form *.lfm file. Of course this isn't working when I try to compile. 

Can you confirm this behaviour?

Best regards

I have not seen this here yet.
Is this a new TMS WEB Core project you create with a TWebForm?

Right, new project. This is the source code of the form unit :

unit unit1;

{$mode delphi}


  SysUtils, Classes, WEBLib.Forms, WEBLib.Graphics, WEBLib.Controls, 
    WEBLib.Dialogs, WEBLib.Dialogs;

  TForm1 = class(TWebForm)



  Form1: TForm1;


{$R *.lfm}


So far, we could not reproduce this here on multiple machines.
Is this a clean install, i.e. no old version files remaining on the machine?

This effect is on two different WIndows 10 systems. Complete TMS WEB Core deinstallation / deleting directories / Lazarus clean compile did not change anything.

It did work with the first beta version of TMS WEB Core 1.2, the second beta version did not compile under Lazarus, so I can't say anything about that.

We did not do changes between the release and the latest beta wrt Lazarus packages or design-time code. Only the component sources have been further worked on but this shouldn't affect the design-time behavior.

This really looks like a Lazarus setup issue. Do you have a machine where you can  start from a clean install?

With the latest TMSWEBCore 1.2.1 its working as expected