Web application - reporting

Any plans concerning printing / reporting out of a web application

We have some significant news coming up very soon.

Is the new TTMSFNCPDFLib part of that reporting solution?

I'll let Bruno answer the direct question, but please be aware that there is also FlexCel available for reporting. As an XData server is a VCL Windows application, you can easily generate an Excel document on the fly, convert it to PDF and return it as a printing result in your webservice.

~ Holger

Yes, with TMSFNCPDFLib you can create PDF reports on the fly directly from the web application, i.e. in the client.
An interesting blog article with a sample can be found here:



the links seems no longer valid


The correct link is:


Thank you.

BTW is it possible to print from within an electron application? PDFLib seems not to work because it's missing RectF.

This example should work equally well from an Electron application.
To use TRectF, add the unit WEBLib.TMSFNCTypes


I just noticed this thread. I promised an example with reporting inside a web service. The Hands On Book I has an example for your use case. It does feature FlexCel as hinted.

on what book do you exactly refer?
Your latest about Webcore?


I refer to this one:

Available at most other Amazon stores as well in case .de is not the closes to you.