VRScrolltext: 2 questions

  1. Is ist possible to set the displayed textposition of the Label?

    what i e.g. want to achieve is to dispaly a text starting with the "first sign" if setting Active -> false once it was active = True before

    2.) Is there an Event that tells me "once a crolling text was displayed over the full length" (and will thus begin to start scrolling again for the next time)?


When you want to reset the text, toggle the property VrScrollText.ScrollDirection

Currently, there is unfortunately not an event that is triggered when end scroll position is reached. We've added this on the list for consideration to add this in a future update.

Thx for your feedback Bruno!
this is already something

nice would be also a feature that the text can be positioned (or start scrolling) as it would be a "left-orientated" label
(at the moment it starts allways with "the first letter scrolling in". this is not really favourable)

by the way: i'm quite happy to have a found a scrolling label anyhow.
Believe it or not; Try a Google search. It's quite hard to find a component which can scroll text

Maybe this would be also a nice add-On for the bigger "Component pack" !


Perhaps an alternative could be THTMLCredit. This also offers scrolling (albeit it is vertical scrolling) and it is included in the TMS Component Pack.