TWebRichEdit and ReadOnly

Is it possible to set TWebRichEdit on read only?

Next question, why this component does not have Visible property?

  1. ReadOnly was not yet added. We added it now for v1.3.3.0
    2) Visible was overlooked to add to the published properties. It is available as public property. In the next update v1.3.3.0 it will also be available.

Ok ... thx

Visible and ReadOnly now is working perfectly.
I have another question, when the TWebRichEdit is rendered I see that it has attribute contenteditable="true". How can I manage this attribute?
When I remove it like this getelementbyid('aaa').removeattribute('contenteditable') it is ok but when page refreshed the attribute reapper.
For me remove this attribute is better because when I set readonly I see blinking carret and focus on this control but when I remove contenteditable caret and focus not exists.

What exactly do you understand as "page refresh"? 
Normally when you do a page refresh, the application restarts, so if you would set the attribute the application initialization, it should happen again when you do a page refresh.

Download my example from

if you click Remove "contenteditable" the attribute removed but when you click Add text the text is displayed and contenteditable attribute reapper despite was removed before.

The same issue is when you showmodal form and close it.

We have changed the approach to handle readonly.
This will be improved in the next update.

ok ... thx

Is it possible to add onChange event to TWebRichEdit object?

We will expose this event in the next update.


Could you answer when do you plan release update concerning these two issues?

A lot of work is ongoing at this very moment, I cannot reliably predict a next release date at this moment other than: "in the  coming weeks"

Ok ... I will waiting 

Is it possible to use scrollby or perform to move the messages automatically to the bottom of the TWebRichEdit window without manually scrolling?

Try to programmatically set
WebRichEdit.ElementHandle.scrollTop: integer;

Thank you. That now works great.