Scrollbar with HTML label

I'm hoping to use a THTMLabel with a vertical scrollbar. I've tried putting it on a TAdvScrollBox, but I cannot seem to get it working, the vertical scrollbar is set to Visible=True, but never shows. I noticed a reference to "mini scrollbar" with the HTMLCredit, but don't see how to make that work either.

I'm sure I'm missing something simple here. Do you have an example of how this can be done?


For THTMLabel to work in a TAdvScrollBar you need to set the size of the THTMLabel larger than the client area of the TAdvScrollBox.

THTMLCredit can perform auto scrolling, typically seen in credits that scroll after a movie for example. If you want a sort of mini scrollbar embedded in the HTML control itself, you can use THTMLStaticText and set HTMLStaticText.MiniScroll = true.


what are the alternatives if you need a real scrollbar on a HTMLstatictext and you don't want the miniscroll one (too many clicks to scroll the text if you have more than a couple of lines)?
Only the scrollbox?

Thanks in advance.


I can only think of a standard VCL TScrollBox or the TMS TAdvScrollBox component.