vertical text in a dbAdvGrid?


[Using DXE4 on Win10, with DBAdvGrid v.]

I want to do vertical text in the header of a DbAdvGrid.  I've tried setting the HeaderFont.Orientation property to (+/-)900, but the text mostly disappears from display.  Is there a way to produce visible vertical text in the header?


You can add text to a cell with an angle via grid.AddRotated()

Thanks for the pointer -- that works, sort of.

It seems "Header" and "AddRotated" columns are out of step with each other.

I'm not sure how to describe what I'm seeing, so I'll send a small demo by email.

A followup to my previous post...

When a dbAdvGrid is dropped on a form, for some reason there is an extra column added at the beginning ("Column 0").  As far as I can see, it has nothing to do with the data I linked to.  Depending whether that column is kept or deleted, vertical text columns will be 1-based or 0-based.  I was mixing my zeroes and ones, and it caused me no end of confusion.

All is well now.

The first (fixed) column is used to show the DB-indicator. When you do not want this first fixed column that is not bound to a datafield, set grid.FixedCols = 0