Align text from Excel.

Hi TMS forum.


When I’m importing an excel sheet using AdvGridExcelImport into a AdvStringGrid is looks fine, I can view the sheet with colors and fonts like in Excel itself, but  when a cell is align 90 degrees and showed vertically in excel, then it is just ‘blank’ showed in AdvStringGrid!

Is it not possible at all in AdvStringGrid or are there a option I’ve haven’t seen?


Is this text rotated 90 degrees or "vertical" text?
To make it more clear, here is the difference:

AdvGridExcelImport currently supports only 90-degrees text (or text rotated in any angle), but not vertical text. The reason we don't support vertical text is that AdvStringGrid doesn't support it, so we can't really "convert" vertical text in Excel to an equivalent vertical text in AdvStringGrid.

We could add an option so horizontal text is imported with carriage returns between each character, that is "Hello" would be imported as 'H'#13#10'e'#13#10'l'#13#10'l'#13#10'o'

But I am not sure this is what most people would want, since the text would display fine, but it won't contain the text "Hello" anymore. But well, before going further, let me know if your problem is with horizontal or rotated text.

Hi Adrian

Thanks for your quick reply, I am using text rotated 90 degrees.

I have found the error… it turns out that the excel sheet is using a font called MS Sans Serif, and that font is not installed on my computer!

Thanks 😊