V6 Still Doesn't Build with C++BuilderXE

The installer installs Delphi packages even when I say only install C++BuilderXE so I have resorted to manual compilation.
tmsc2011 doesn't build
[ILINK32 Error] Error: Unresolved external '__stdcall Advgdip::GdipGetImageEncodersSize(unsigned int&, unsigned int&)' referenced from C:\BDS2011\COMPONENTS\TMSCOMPONENTS\ADVREFLECTIONIMAGE.OBJ
tmcexc2011 doesn't build
Something to do with AeroLabel
I have had to remove these 2 components from the packages.
This is really frustrating the amount of time I have to waste every time I try to install an update.
Can we please get some support here?


After removing ReflectionLabel and AeroLabel I install the packages in this order TMS, TMSEX, TMSDE, TMS XLS successfully.
Now everytime I restart C++BuilderXE I get "The application failed to start because tmsexc2011.bpl was not found" when it tries to load the design time package.  This bpl exists in the same directory as the design time package.
I go to Install Packages, remove the tmsdec2011.bpl design time package which it says doesn't exist then add it back again and it loads.  I close and restart C++BuilderXE and I get the failed to load error again.

The installer compiled package always is build for both Delphi & C++Builder. I see no reason why you'd need to manually rebuild.

Wrt loading the .BPL file, make sure the generated .BPL files are in your default IDE output path and that this path is in your system path.

Because I statically link my app and I have a component derived from TDBAdvGrid in C++.  The linker could not find the correct symbol names in the default installer installed BPI <?: prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />files (see other forum post).  Rebuilding with C++BuilderXE instead of DelphiXE resolved this after I removed ReflectionLabel and AeroLabel from the package.  Will try a rebuild after removing the uxtheme and dwmapi files as suggested