Using TadvSearchEdit from code

We have our own onscreen keyboard component (which just calls active controls SetText method)
Can we use TAdvSearchEdit so that we could set Text and tadvsearchedit would show dropdrop and filter results.

I tried setting text and calling updatefilter.
I know that would be possible to do with separate TEdit and TAdvSearchList, but we are otherwise very happy with functionality of TAdvSearchEdit, only interaction with our own touchkeyboard is missing. And replaing components etc would cause some delays..

I'm not sure I fully understand what exact behavior you look for.
Normally, the filtering is applied when the dropdown is being shown. You can programmatically force that the dropdown is shown via:

okay, i'll try to explain it better.
Normal case
We have TadvSearchEdit in form and user just types there 'Volvo' and dropdown is shown and only Volvos are visible.

Our special case with touchscreen.

We have same form with same TadvSearchEdit - except at bottom of form there is our own touch keyboard. Instead of using normal keyboard user clicks buttons in our touchscreen keyboard which should then set the filter value and show the dropdown with filtered values.
Only thing we don't know is how to set filter from code in TadvSearchEdit ( I can do it in TadvSearchList)

This is better understood. We checked this and this was currently not yet possible.
A small extension in this component was needed to achieve this, i.e. make a programmatic display possible that uses programmatic filter setting.
We have made this small extension and it will be included in the next update.
This code snippet shows how it can be applied to TAdvSearchEdit2 in the demo for it from a button:

  advsearchedit2.Text := 'BMW';
  advsearchedit2.FilterCondition.Text := 'BMW';

Thanks, got update and it's working as assumed.

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