TADVEdit - Lookup - Manually drop/show?

I have A TADVEdit using the lookup feature, which works well.

One request from users, is able to show that lookup table manually.

I didn't see this as being doable? Unless just missing something, which wouldn't be a first!

Using D11.2 and latest TMS UI Pack components as of a few days ago.

If it just me having to add my own button next to the edit control with a down arrow, to kick off the lookup box to show then that is fine... just couldn't find anything exposed.

Hi ;

Here's a sample :

for n:=0 to AE_Edit.Lookup.DisplayList.count-1  do
liste:=liste+ ' * '+AE_Edit_Utilisateur.Lookup.DisplayList[n];

Hope it can help



I am talking about the lookup popup itself to manually force this to show.

And to show with everything in it and user can then scroll through it and use it like if it the control had shown it automatically.

At this moment, there is not a programmatic interface to show this.
When & where should it be programmatically shown?

Two ways about it maybe...

  1. The hard way for you? Optional dropdown button to the right. To manually pop it.
  2. I make my own button to the right of the control, and call whatever code to force show/pop it up.

I am fine either way... so if enduser has no text typed in and hit button