In-text search reducing the available entries

Please add an option that, when typing in the edit area, the list of matching entries is automatically shown (drop down) and reduced due to the typed in text. The entries should be filtered by the typed text. And not only when search at the beginning but (and this is the important one) inside the entries.
I know that you can more or less do this already with TAdvSearchEdit, but:

  • it doesn't use the common TStrings in Items and thus you can't just replace "normal" comboboxes with it
  • the height of the drop down list doesn't adopt to the number of the (remaining) entries
  • and mainly: It generally doesn't have the same look and feel as a normal combobox.
    It could be an additional option for TAdvComboBox (but I guess this is too much based on the Windows API) or a new control (e.g. TAdvSearchComboBox).
    This would be a component that I would use almost everywhere were I have a "normal" combobox right now. And I would surely replace the one implementation of TAdvSearchEdit I have with this.
    Thanks & best regards

New TAdvSearchComboBox

This feature was implemented.