Using TAdvRangeSlider as an inplace editor

I'm trying to use a TAdvRangeSlider as an inplace editor on a grid that's placed on a TFrame derived control that is the dropdown on a TAdvControlDropDown control.

My problem is that whether I come up with my own TEditLink derived control or I use a TFormControlEditLink, I'm getting an access violation when I enter the grid cell where the custom inplace should render. 

The access violation is occuring somewhere inside the ShowEditControl method of advgrid.pas, but unfortunately, try as I might, I can't step into that code with C++ Builder 10 Seattle (I've tried various permutations of setting dcu paths, code library paths and haven't had any success).

Is this something that's intended to be possible?


I have retested this here and could not see a problem.

Added frame
Put AdvRangeSlider on frame
Add FormControlEditLink on form + add frame and connect to FormControlEditLink.Control
Add code:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  advstringgrid1.Options :=  advstringgrid1.Options + [goEditing];
  advstringgrid1.DefaultEditor := edCustom;
  advstringgrid1.Editlink := formcontroleditlink1;

and this works as expected.