TDBAdvGrid refresh issue

In version

If the bottom visible row is only partially visible. In other words maybe only half height. When you click on that row the grid snaps the row up into view so you see the whole height. However if you have a FormControlEditLink on that cell the grid does refresh/repaint correctly and also leaves the wrong row selected and in edit mode. It seems to work ok if you disable the FormControlEditLink in the GetEditorType event; I have not tested other types of editors or if the AdvStringGrid behaves this way.
I have tried adding a Grid.Repaint, Grid.Refresh and Application.ProcessMessages command on the OnCellClick, OnSelectCell and at the end of the GetEditorType events.

I cannot reproduce this. To test I added the inplace editing via a FormControlEditLink in the demo ADOEditing but this problem isn't visible here. What's different in your project from the ADOEditing demo?

Nothing special I'm just editing a memo field.

Can you isolate the issue and provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce this here so we can investigate?