TDBAdvGrid editing

When editing a TDBAdvGrid, is it possible when starting the edit that the text in the cell isn't auto selected?

I use a customised TAdvEditEditLink as the editor. 

On a grid with PageMode=FALSE, I use the following in the OnGetEditorProp event:

  if Assigned(AEditLink) then
  with TAdvEdit(AEditLink.GetEditControl) do

However, if PageMode=TRUE, AEditLink.GetEditorControl returns NIL, so I can't use this method.

Is there another way of configuring the edit control, or some other setting I can use to stop auto selection.

I also have another issue linked to this... I set the EditColor of the EditLink control to clMoneyGreen. The first time I edit a cell, the cell isn't shown in green, although subsequent edits are!

I think I've solved this!

In my previous post, I meant to put that AEditLink (not AEditLink.GetEditControl) is NIL for grids with PageMode=TRUE.

It does seem to be the case that the AEditLink parameter of OnGetEditorProp is not set, but I can just use Grid.EditLink instead.