Using style when in VCL

I know that the components are used for multi-platform programming. But when I use them in a VCL program with Styles is there a way to let them respect the style (e.g. Office2016white)?
Until now I have used the VCL TAdvxxx components. I'm trying to find out if it is a good thing to change to FNC components to have one set of components across all platforms, while using the advantages of a platform when I'm on that platform (e.g. Windows style).

FNC controls will pick up the colors defined by the VCL styles (i.e. the Embarcadero style implementation) and not the TMS styles we had already before Embarcadero introduced their VCL styles. FNC controls will not use the TMS styles only the VCL styles.

Ok, clear.
Are you planning to extend the TTMSFNCEdit to all of the possibilities of the TAdvEdit?
I miss the 'Label' and 'EmptyText' settings.


TTMSFNCEdit has a property TextPrompt, which is the equivalent for EmptyText. The Label feature is currently not implement, we have added this on our feature request list for investigation.