Using mCL with arm 64

After installing the latest version of mCL to Delphi 11.3, macOS ARM 64 Bit is no valid target platform (items in pallet are grated out). How to change the installation such that visual components can be select if this target is active?


You can just add the library path, copy it from macOS 64 bit. Or you can switch to TMS Smart Setup and install via that platform which will install for macOS ARM 64 Bit.

I did as you suggested, both, under Tools > Options > Language > Delphi Options > Library and within my project settings. Nevertheless, the tool pallet of TMS FMX Native is fully graded out when I choose ARM 64 platform. Since I develop for ARM 64 only, this is inconvenient since whenever I want to have access to any of the components I have payed for, I have to switch platform.
The TMS setup.exe did fail, so this provides no solution, too.

Adding the library path is for compilation only, you can target macOS 64 Bit add the components on the form, and then switch to macOS ARM for now, we'll investigate and add the required platform

I have solved this issue myself. You just have to add pidOSXArm64 within ComponentPlatformsAttribute of all the .pas files of the project.
I would love to see that tms makes these changes to their distribution of the library.

This has been applied and is awaiting release.