I would like a better understanding of the limitations.
I thought that by declaring several classes on different not instantiated forms it would avoid the problem.
So I declared an empty form from which I called the other forms one by one, releasing each form when it is closed.
The device hangs up each time at a new called form introducing newer classes but never on the firsts which I can call as many times as I like.

While doing this I noticed that releasing a form with a TMSFMXNativeUITableViewMail classe keeps the header on the top of the main form.
So I Added :      TMSFMXNativeUITableViewMail1.GetView.removeFromSuperview;
On the destroy event and that solved the problem !

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we will take a look at this here, so the tableview is completely destroyed, there might be some object that is not released from the main view.

For the limitation on the device, it does not matter whether classes are created in sub forms or directly on the main application, the core which talks with the ios api's and instantiates those classes can only hold up to 16 - 17 different classes, when creating a new class, an array is filled with a reference to the ios class and is reused when creating a new instance.

This is a known issue and Embarcadero already acknowledged it, so we will have to wait until they fix the problem.

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is there a QC entry for this limitation? I would like to speed up the work on this issue since I am blocked to simply build a small app which shows a map with annotations and a list :-(

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We're in touch with Embarcadero about this issue. It is acknowledged by Embarcadero. We hope they'll release some sort of hotfix but at this point, we can't say or promise anything as it is fully in the hands of Embarcadero.


I prepared a small demo. How can I send this to the iCL support team for examination?

Regarding the limitation: Is there any way to temorary patch some code of embarcadero? I would like to go on with my small app. And I like the iCL component wrappers very much, they are great and work hundreds of times faster than the Firemonkey components!

Keep on the good work!

You can send this via email. See: 

We are doing everything in our power to get a patch for this limitation. We're daily in touch with Embarcadero about this but as I said, we really depend on Embarcadero here. As soon as there is news, we'll inform.