Using "GroupBlocks" in Diagram Studio

I am using TabDiagram, and dynamically creating blocks at run-time.

I can create blocks and add them as Members of a GroupBlock. Once this is done all blocks in the Group are "one" moving and resizing together.

I need Members of the Group to Move together, but Size separately.

Is this possible?

Yes, you can select each group member by pressing Ctrl key while clicking in it. Then only the member is select and you can resize it separately.

you can select each group member by pressing Ctrl key while clicking in it.

I am not seeing this behaviour. When I CTRL-CLICK the individual blocks within the group all still change size together. Is there some extra setting in the Components I have to change to make this work?

No. This is as simple as:

  1. Create a new VCL application;
  2. Drop a TatDiagram and a TButton component;
  3. Create a OnClick handler for the button and add the following code:
procedure TForm6.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  B: TDiagramBlock;
  B := TDiagramBlock.Create(Self);
  B.Diagram := atDiagram1;
  B.Left := 10;
  B := TDiagramBlock.Create(Self);
  B.Diagram := atDiagram1;
  B.Left := 90;
  1. Run;
  2. Click the button. A group will be created for the two blocks and they will be selected;
  3. Ctrl+Click one member of the group. It will be individually selected and you can resize it individually.

I followed your instructions exactly. Please note that on my system this does not work.

Perhaps it is due to differences in the set-up of my keyboard, or Windows?

I am using up-to-date Windows 10, Keyboard / language set to English UK, with Delphi 10.4.1.

HOWEVER: CTRL + SHIFT + Resize works perfectly ... Happy days. It was stupid of me not to try this before.

Is there a reason why CTRL + SHIFT would work on my system when CTRL works on your system?

Not that I know of. Maybe you have some specific mouse settings in your Windows that changes the default behavior.

Hi @Brett_Adam, just tested this and it worked on my system: 10.4.2 & the latest diagram components.

Skyping you the exe and .gif

Aside: TatDiagram doesn't have a published version property like other TMS components - I actually think it is one of the useful minor features of TMS - quick version check.

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@Jason_Chapman Indeed not at design-time, but you can check the version from source code, in file

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