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Is it possible with diagram studio to fully automate application, like we can do with MSVisio , to create IT diagram?



what do you mean by IT diagram? "Automate" is a generic word, you can automate Diagram Studio in many way, you have for example TLiveDiagram which is a diagram descendant that you can "execute". You can also create many types of diagrams, in a future release of Diagram Studio we will include support for UML diagrams, is that what you mean?

Wagner R. Landgraf
TMS Software Team

I mean I have a source document ( can be any type, csv, spreadsheet, text) and I would like to provide an application that could create diagrams for the user.

Automate , I was thinking of OLE automation, or something similar.
I'll have a look to the TLiveDiagram

You can do almost everything in Diagram from Delphi code. You don't have tasks that are exclusively visual - you have properties and methods that allow you do a lot of things, so you can "automate" the diagram as you want. Of course the way you will automate it is specific to your application.

Wagner R. Landgraf
TMS Software Team

I use Diagramstudio 4.0 and Rad Studio 2010. 

 I think there is a error at the ArrowBocks. In  atDiagram  I set "useGDIPlus=false". The ArrowBlocks can not be select (with mouse-click or group select) . When I set "useGDIPlus=true" then ArrowBolcks can be select.
Ulrich Herrmann


I m wrong here. It must be a new tobic