Conditional formatting


I try to understand the working of reading from Excel Conditional Formating in a cell, and to create a Conditional Formating for a cell with Flexcel.
Despite frantic efforts it did not succeed me to understand the mechanism.

For example I want to create a rule which colours an cell green below a value and red above a value.
Between these values it's stil the normal cell colour.
Maybe are there some examples to learn the conditional formatting.

With Kind regards and thanks,


Creating conditional formats isn't yet possible. This is due to the differences between cf in xls and xlsx, the API was designed for xls cond fmt, but is not public because we would have to do many breaking changes to support xlsx. 

Support for writing cond fmt is scheduled for FlexCel 6.8. While I don't have an ETA for it, we are working to have it as soon as possible.

Adrian, Thanks for your response.
I'm looking forward to version 6.8
With kind regards,


since Version is available I was wondering, if creating conditional formatting is finally available now for xslx files? 

sorry, not yet. To be 100% honest, I have lost a very loved family member a couple of days ago after months of fighting cancer. Due to the delays implied I didn't had time to finish the cf support on time  to support Delphi Berlin and .NET Core, so we had to release a 6.8 version that allowed people to use those versions, and delay this for 6.9.

I hope soon we will be able to end it: right now nobody more than me wants to see it completed.

We've just released 6.9 which fully supports conditional formats
in xlsx files. They will be copied, preserved and modified when you
insert rows, and exported to pdf.

Many thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!