Unsuccessful instalation TMS FNC Cloud pack

Hi ,
when I trying to install tmsfnccloudpacksetupregbeta[setup,exe] the FNC Cloud Pack v under Delphi 10.3 Rio (Windows 10), I get the error "Incompatible FNC Core ( instalation found, please download & install TMS FNC Core version first.

Can you send me download link for the older TMS FNC Core version ?
Thank you.

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Unfortunately there are no download links available for previous versions of TMS FNC Core.
Please make sure to use the latest version of TMS FNC Cloud Pack which is compatible with the latest version of TMS FNC Core.

thanks for your answer, but i bought FNC Cloud pack yesterday (first time) and i can't install it.
Could you help me please ?

It looks like you downloaded the beta version (v3.0.0.0), please make sure to download the latest official release (v3.0.0.5) as indicated in the screenshot below: