TXDatawebdatset caching data

Hi for my WebApp i use Datawebdatset.querystring and Load to get data from server. There is any way to get all data from server and use something like "filter" to select this without every time use a different querystring ? in other words i want to have available all data in memory to fast access on it ... i see WebClientDataSet ... its a solution ? how use it ?


Your subject line mentions TXDataWebDataSet, your content mentions TWebClientDataSet. So, I'm confused what dataset you refer to.

Hi for my WebApp i use TxDatawebdatset


The QueryString is supposed to be sent to the server to retrieve data. To use it, you need to hit the server. After you retrieve data, it's just an array with objects, you can always manually filter it out using your regular Pascal/JavaScript code, but then it's up to you, not up to the dataset or XData.

or XDataWebDataSet.Filter is same ?

Filter is not implemented in TXDataWebDataset.

strange ... but i use

If DM0.wdSett.Locate('Cod_Set', AItem.Text, []) Then Begin
DM0.wdGrp.Filter:=Format('Cod_Set = ''%s'' ',[AItem.Text]);

with wdGrp: TXDataWebDataSet;

and go !

Ah, true, my mistake. It's indeed implemented by the ancestor TJsonDataset.