How to connect TXDataWebDataSet to XDataServer

Since the beginning of my use of XData, I have been looking for a way to have a TDataSet equivalent to retrieve entity list data from XData server, with range (Top, skip). I discovered TXDataWebDataSet existence, except that I'm not using WebCore, just a VCL application client.
Is it possible to use and how to use TXDataWebDataSet on a VCL application, and connect to a server through TXDataClient?
Thank you

Yes, it is possible. It is offers even type-safety when working with web services as you can use the server interface units when you make the calls to the web service.

The TXDataClient class is available in the VCL. It is not available as a component and thus not visible on the tool palette. TXDataWebDataSet is indeed only for TMS WEB Core.

Please look at the manual as a whole chapter called TXDataClient is dedicated to this and the explanations are really detailed. Back in the day, I was able to get started with all the examples given.

Please post any further questions that you have. I also know that Bruno Fierens did a presentation that included a VCL example. I am sure he can provide the link.


Hi Holger,

My question was about a VCL equivalent of TXDataWebDataSet to use on VCL application, and abviuosly the answer is no, if I understood correctly.

But why this difference between the two plateforms, when the goal is to have a TDataSet descendant (therefore non-visual) to allow access to entities with Top/Skip mechanism?
No doubt I would have no answer. I would have liked to have a little answer from Wagner.
Thank you for reply.

As @Holger_Flick mentioned, the equivalent of TXDataWebClient for VCL is TXDataClient. And the equivalent of TXDataWebDataset for VCL is TAureliusDataset. You can get data with TXDataClient, and bind them to controls using TAureliusDataset.
The way to use in VCL/Web is different simply for historical reasons and, mainly, differences in platforms. In Web Core applications there is yet no type safety when it comes to client and dataset, due to lack of generics support.