Simple question: TXdataWebDataset for VCL?

Hi, a Simple question:

What is the corresponding TXdataWebDataset to use for VCL and FMX applications?
Thank you!

Take a look at TAureliusDataset.

look at the demo in XData\Demos\firedac-sql

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Hi Russell,
thank you for help.
But the question is spontaneous and necessary: ​​Why doesn't there exist a TXDataDataset, which provides exactly the same properties and functionality as the corresponding WEB component?
Why not have the same Applyupdates and the same logic?
Or, is it possible to make TXdataWebdataset work on VCL too?
I expect the same "cross platform" components.

Completely different development paths, as they (Delphi and Web Core) are different technologies.

Yes, ok.
But It is necessary simply to use the same business logic both on the web and on VCL (even the same code of the logical part).
If the component inside works differently, between web and VCL, the "external" part and the use must be the same. This needs to be transparent to the developer.
So, I cannot use Xdata in clients for VCL (and also on the web), because I need ONE code logics in the clients.
I think that a TXdataDataset, with the same characteristics as the WEB one, would favor your software over others in the case of multiplatform distributed applications.
Good Job.