TXDataWebDataSet in VCL client?


I am new with Aurelius / XData and experimenting with the music-demo (server) to use it in a VCL client (in a grid). The TXDataWebDataSet has all features I need, but it does not seems to work in a VCL client. I don't receive any data. I am aware of the TXDataClient, but then I have to define all field defs manual (correct?), and the TXDataWebDataSet can do this automatic through XData.

Is it possible to use the TXDataWebDataSet component in a VCL client?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Robin, not for now. TXDataWebDataset only works for TMS Web Core applications. For VCL, you need to get objects using TXDataClient and then put then in TAureliusDataset using SetSourceList or SetSourceObject methods.

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