WebDBTableControl and columns width

How to set a fixed or max col width of this grid ?


You typically don't as this is based on a HTML table where table size automatically adapts to cell content. If you want to override this default behavior, force a width via CSS that you can set per cell via the event OnGetCellClass.

can you give me a sample please ?

There is not a sample that shows exactly this.
Define a CSS class

colw1 { width: 150px; }


procedure TfrmLoginForm.WebTableControl1GetCellClass(Sender: TObject; ACol,
  ARow: Integer; AField: TField; AValue: string; var AClassName: string);
  if acol = 1 then
    AClassName := 'colw1';

good, but the problem is that i must define different cols width every time and i cant create my many class CSS ... i need something to set on the fly ...i hope clear

You seem to rather need the TWebStringGrid functionality that has a grid.ColWidths[colindex] property.

i use webdbtablecontrol

The only solution that exists is the solution via CSS.