I need to force an update without users having the option to cancel at any stage. How can I do this?

Happy Christmas to all.



Set WebUpdate.UpdateUpdate = wuuSilent

Thanks but unfortunately it is not that simple as if there is a license file it is still displayed with an option to not accept it. I can obviously get around this by not having a license file.

In my own dialog before updating I would like to show what's new but any of the functions to get this e.g. TWebUpdate.NewWhatsNew returns nil. I have checked the help and LanguageID is blank.

Well, if you have added extra actions such as showing the license agreement, showing "what's new", this will be shown. You have this under control in the .INF file, so if you do not want it, remove it from the .INF file.

I did say that myself! What about the 2nd paragraph asking about getting what's new text in code?

WebUpdate.OnDownloadedWhatsNew is triggered with the content of the what's new text returned in the Text parameter.

Thanks, that works perfectly. Have a great Christmas!