TWebUpdate support for Dropbox


Is it possible to use a DropBox account for uploading update files via TWebUpdate?
How does this need to be setup?

Please see my email of 14-02-2013 at 12:19 for a possible solution by adding a simple addition to Update Builder.

If you do delve into improving UpdateBuilder can I request Amazon S3 support?



Well, that would mean that we need to extend both TWebUpdate & UpdateBuilder with both DropBox & Amazon S3 support. UpdateBuilder needs to upload updates to such virtual storage while TWebUpdate needs to be extended to be able to download it from such source, unless you want to make it available as a publicly accessible hyperlink?

Hi Bruno,

A publically accessible link is fine.  Otherwise you'd need to embed your secret Amazon key in the app (which sound risky IMHO).  But the ability in UpdateBuilder to upload to S3 would be great.  I'd also love it if the Cloud Suite also supported Amazon S3.


Amazon S3 support is on the todolist for investigation.