TTMSFMXCloudDropBox GetDriveInfo

Apologies for the posts on the FMX Cloud Pack, but the documentation is sparse and there are no examples of MOST of the methods so I am winging it.

I perform a TTMSFMXCloudDropBox.GetDriveInfo and the system just goes into a permanent wait state, ie. I assume it is trying to get the info unsuccessfully (forever). At the moment it's been sitting there for over an hour (about the 10th time I've run it) and no sign of it completing.

Further, is it the DROPBOX files and folders that are returned or all files and folders?

Further, Further, Can I do a TTMSFMXCloudDropBox.getFolderListHierarchical() BEFORE I perform a GetDriveInfo and (assuming I want the files from Dropbox ROOT) how do I set the first parameter which is a TTMSFMXCloudItem???

Do I simply Create a TTMSCLoudItem and assign it a File name? and then use it?

As far as getting a folder list, then I will answer my own question (not sure if it's best practice, but it works).

  CloudItem: TTMSFMXCloudItem;
  FolderList: TTMSFMXCloudItems;


  CloudItem := TTMSFMXCloudDropBox.GetFolderInfo('C:\users\kevin\Dropbox')

  FolderList := DBX.GetFolderListHierarchical(CloudItem, True);

And the JSON string from Dropbox includes The Dropbox ID of the Owner and whether or not the folder is shared etc etc. There is a lot of generic stuff, but when I look at say (from the above):


There is a lot of the folder properties that are essential to writing a Dropbox application missing. That includes such things as:

Folder Owner
Folder Share Name (if it is shared, pretty much essential for any Dropbox Application)
Shared Folder ID (Essential, necessary to get the shared folder members)
Path Lower 
Access Type
Shared Link Policy

And then once we have the folder details, then to get the shared folder member details. How does TMS actually to that? 

What I need that is absolutely essential is the Shared FolderID (that is used to lookup the shared folder users) and the Share Name (if there is no share name it is not a shared folder so I do not need to process the users although I still need to know the owner which should be the current user, but may not be if the folder has been shared by someone else and then unshared, ie. I might still have a copy with the other person as the owner).

In my case I have to perform a REST call (using a different library) to get the folder members and then I parse the JSON string to get the folder members details. Again, How does TMS do that?

Again, I apologise if I am conflating issues, but the docs are sparse, the examples do not cover anything more than the basics (with very few examples) and i don't want to bombard the Form will scullions of posts.


Thank you for your suggestion.
We'll have to investigate if retrieving the extra folder properties can be added in a future version of TMS FMX Cloud Pack.

Hi Bart,

Look thanks, per my other post on HTTPPost, the real issue is that Dropbox is about folder and file sharing. To be able to get details you need:

Dropbox Folder ID
Dropbox Folder Share Name 

You can then get a list of folder users. For those users you need:

Email address

At the moment that?s simply not possible. I understand your Cloud Pack has components for many different cloud services, but unless, for each component, you can get the necessary information, each is sub-optimal. For me I had to supplement with another component that provided the additional data. Now, with HTTPPut, I am hoping I can use the TMS coponent(s) on their own.

It would be very useful if the other fields / methods were made available.


We'll investigate to add these features as soon as we have been able to allocate sufficient development time.

Unfortunately due to the high workload caused by current ongoing projects I am unable to provide a timeframe for now.