TWebTreeview weird behaviour

I'm using the  TWebTreeview component (let's call it treeview_A), whose content depends on another TWebTreeview component (let's call it treeview_B).
I put some code on the event OnClick of treeview_A in order to set up the new content of treeview_B, in the following way, as suggested in the Developers Guide:

 {fill the content}
The first time everythink works well and I can move among the treeview_B nodes as expected. 
The second time and the following ones, the treeview_B content is right but if I try to expand a node  
it displays the following error:

WEBLib.TreeNodes.pas:521 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'GetPrevSibling' of undefined
    at Object.GetIndex (WEBLib.TreeNodes.pas:521)
    at Object.GetNodeElement (WEBLib.ComCtrls.pas:1913)
    at Object.SetSelected (WEBLib.ComCtrls.pas:2350)
    at Object.DoChangeSelection (WEBLib.ComCtrls.pas:1854)
    at Object.HandleNode (WEBLib.ComCtrls.pas:2086)
    at HTMLSpanElement.cb (rtl.js:217)
Could you help me?

We will investigate to fix this in the next update.
As a workaround, try:

 treeview_B.Selected := nil;
 {fill the content}


it worked! Thanks a lot